Hospitality Ministries

“When I was a stranger, you welcomed me." (Mt. 25:35).

"Jesus Christ teaches that whenever we welcome one of the least of our sisters and brothers, we welcome Christ Himself. Parishioners of a stewardship parish seek to see the face of Christ in one another. With special vigilance, parishioners must seek out and welcome new members to the parish family. A stewardship parish is a welcoming parish regardless of the parish demographics: large or small - urban, suburban or rural."~ from "The Pillars of Parish Stewardship" by the Office of Stewardship, Diocese of Wichita, Kansas

Hospitality Ministries Include:

We, as Christians, are all called to hospitality. Greeters, in particular, stand at the church entrance and welcome parishioners and guests as they enter the church building. Greeters are needed at all weekend Holy Masses and special liturgical services. Contact Walt Farmer at 334.306.9034
Ushers greet and seat the assembly, handle all collections, aid the assembly's communion procession, and generally assist in worship hospitality. Contact Gary Belmont at 334.399.4422
Picnic – Set Up, Cook, Games or Clean Up
Parishioners help with the planning, preparation, setup, cooking, games, and clean-up of the annual Parish Picnic in the fall of each year.
Assist with Annual Parish Dinner Dance
Volunteers in this ministry help with the planning and preparation of the annual Parish Dinner/Dance.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day
Volunteers assist in the planning and preparation for activities associated with our church's feast day on December 12.
Bereavement Committee
Parishioners help prepare for funerals and wakes by cooking, serving, and greeting families who attend.
• Prepare food for the bereaved family delivered to home
• Prepare a meal for guests after a funeral
• Serve funeral guests
• Clean-up after funeral meal
Social Event Ministries
Parish-wide social events build the spirit of community and help parishioners become better acquainted. Specifically, the schedule includes a picnic in the fall, a celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day in December, and a Parish Dinner/Dance in the spring. Special events, such as the Mother's Day and Father's Day Brunches, also promote a sense of belonging. Need help in:
• Organize, setup and decorate parish hall for events
• Cook for dinners, potlucks, receptions
• Serve at dinners, potlucks, receptions
• Clean-up after dinners, potlucks, receptions
Food Ministry to the homebound
Volunteers prepare and provide food to the needy and homebound.
Life Teen Food Ministry
Volunteers assist in the preparation and service of meals for the teens and adults in the Life Teen program on Sunday Evenings during the school year. See the calendar for dates. Contact Tim Ducote, 334.414.2861
CCD Meal Preparation/Service
Volunteers help in the preparation and service of meals/snacks for the children in the CCD program during the school year. See the calendar for dates. Contact Charles and Jen Bravata at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Doughnut Ministry
Volunteers deliver and serve doughnuts for fellowship after the 9:30 Holy Mass every Sunday. Contact Theresa and Greg Garrison
50 Plus or Minus Club
Parishioners 50 "plus or minus a few" meet on Friday mornings for prayer and fellowship. We begin with Holy Mass at 8:30 a.m., followed by coffee, breakfast, and fellowship. We visit, play games and have a great time! We often stay for lunch! On the first Friday of the month, we have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as well. All are welcome. Contact Janet Tears at 334.285.4878