Stewardship is a grateful response to God's love.  Based in Scripture, all that we are and all that we have flows from God as gift. In turn, we serve as stewards of our spiritual and material gifts and we share these gifts in love of God and neighbor.

The four pillars of Stewardship are: Hospitality, Prayer, Formation, and Service.  Every year, as we reflect on our life in Christ Jesus, it is wise to examine these four pillars and recommit ourselves to a more serious attempt at following our Savior’s lead in hospitality, prayer, formation and service.

As pastor, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued generosity to Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.  As we do each year, our parish examines its mission and creates its budget based on the stewardship intention forms we receive from each of you.  The effective fulfillment of the mission of our parish is dependent upon your participation in time, talent and treasure.  Please give some consideration to the many opportunities in our various ministries available for service to the parish and wider community.  You may review the stewardship booklet here, print out a commitment form or, new this year, submit your commitment online.

Fr. Albert Kelly

Stewardship Pillar of Hospitality
(All ministries are Hospitality Ministries)
50 Plus or Minus Club
Social Event Planning, Preparation, and Clean Up
Picnic – Set Up, Cook, Games or Clean Up
Assist w/Dance-Dinner
Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day
Cook for Funerals, Dinners, Potlucks, Receptions
Serve for Funerals, Dinners, Potlucks, Receptions
Prepare / Provide Food to Needy & Homebound
Life Teen Meal Preparation/Service
CCD Meal Preparation/Service
Doughnut Ministry

Stewardship Pillar of Prayer
Altar Servers
Life Teen Band
Offertory Gift Bearer
Lead Rosary Before Mass
Sacristy/Setup Mass
Elijah Cup
Prayer Request Line
Burse Club
Respect Life Committee

Stewardship Pillar of Formation
Attend RCIA/Inquiry Classes
Adult Faith Formation Committee
Adult Faith Formation Class
Life Teen Core Member  (must be 19 yrs. or older)
CCD Teacher K-5
CCD Substitute Teacher K-5
CCD Classroom Aide
CCD Office Assistant


Stewardship Pillar of Service
Altar Linen Care
Parish Clean Up (After Sunday Doughnuts)
Serve on Parish Council
Our Lady’s Guild
Knights of Columbus
Church Environment
Cleaning the Church
Maintenance (All Trades)
Transportation (Mass & Medical)
Visit Sick – Elderly – Homebound
Visit Sick in Hospitals
Visit Nursing Home Patients
Prison Ministry
Communion to Sick


Portador de Ofrenda
Conducir Rosario antes de misa 
Vestiduras de Altar
Limpiar Parroquia (Después del café el sabado)

Ministerio Hispano

Cáliz de Elias
Línea de solicitud de oración

Comité de liderazgo
Servir en el concilio de la parroquia
Comité respeto de la vida


Gremio de nuestra Señora
Caballeros de Colón
Club de 50 Más o Menos
Burse Club


Arreglar flores de altar
Decoradores de Iglesia (estacional)
Limpieza de la Iglesia
Mantenimiento (todos los oficios)


Transporte (Misa & Medical)
Visite enfermos – ancianos – imposibilitadas
Visite enfermos de hospitales
Visite a pacientes residencia de ancianos 
Ministerio de la prisión
Comunión a enfermos

Alimentar Hambrientos
Cocinar para funerales, cenas, Potlucks, recepciones
Servir en funerales, cenas, Potlucks, recepciones
Preparar y proporcionar alimentos a necesitados & imposibilitados

Catequesis y formación de fe
Asistir a clases RCIA/consulta religiosa
Comité de educación religiosa de adultos
Clases de formación adultos en la fe
Maestros para adolescentes / “Equipo Núcleo”  (mayores de 19 años)
Preparación de comida y servicio – LT
CCD Maestros K-5
CCD suplente de Maestros K-5
Ayudante CCD aula
Ayudante de oficina CCD
Preparación/servicio de comida CCD

Soporte administrativo

Boletín de Noticias/Boletín

Comités de Festejo
Meriendas – configurar, cocinar, juegos o limpiar
Ayudar con cena del baile
Festividad Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
Eventos especiales / ocasiones