Kindergarten through Fifth Grade Ministry

The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine was an association established at Rome in 1562 for the purpose of providing religious education.  Today CCD refers to a religious education program of the Catholic Church, normally designed for children.

At Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish students who attend public school receive their Faith Formation through our parish CCD program.

CCD consists of class study and preparation for the reception of the sacraments. The goal of the parish CCD program is to enable and encourage the students to learn more about their faith.

Faith Formation Support

OLOG CCD is designed to complement and supplement your responsibility as Christian parents to teach and raise your children in the faith.  As parents or guardians, you are the primary educators of your children.  And we desire to provide support and encouragement as you seek to fulfill this responsibility.  One way we do that is with our Catechism or CCD classes.


Students are catechized and prepared to receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ during their first and second years of Religious Education.

Students must be enrolled and participating in our CCD program or have documentation from another parish verifying attendance before receiving the Sacraments of Holy Eucharist/Reconciliation.

Families must be registered parishioners and attend Sunday Mass regularly at Our Lady of Guadalupe.

If there is a student enrolled in the CCD program who is in grades 3-8 and has not received the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist, they will also receive instruction and preparation.

Baptismal certificates must be provided; a form will be given to each parent to fill out for church records.

All students must have two years of Religious Education before receiving these Sacraments.

Parents/students will be given a list of prayers the students must know to receive the Sacraments of First Communion and Reconciliation.  In addition to the prayers, the children must also know the Ten Commandments, 7 Sacraments, and have a clear understanding of the Sacraments they will receive.

CCD classes meet after the 9:30 a.m. Mass at 10:45 a.m. on the scheduled Sundays; classes begin in September and the school term ends in May.  Refer to the CCD Schedule for class dates.


CCD K-5 - Director of Religious Education
Tel Benevidez

After the 9:30 a.m. Mass; class time is 10:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on the scheduled Sundays
CCD classrooms