Sunday, June 3rd the Knights of Columbus, Our Lady of Guadalupe Council's Grand Knight, Chris Ducote and Lois Pribulick, President of Our Lady's Guild presented the annual Educational Scholarship Awards to the two worthy recipients.

Educational Scholarship first place winner is Allyson Fulghum. 
Educational Scholarship second place winner is Adam Durden.

Allyson and Adam, congratulation to you both and best wishes for continued success in your academic and professional pursuits.

Photo provided by Tim Ducote

Devotion to the Sacred Heart is a wonderful historical expression of the Church’s piety for Christ, her Spouse and Lord: it calls for a fundamental attitude of conversion and reparation, of love and gratitude, apostolic commitment and dedication to Christ and his saving work. For these reasons, the devotion is recommended and its renewal encouraged by the Holy See and by the Bishops. Such renewal touches on the devotion’s linguistic and iconographic expressions; on consciousness of its biblical origins and its connection with the great mysteries of the faith; on affirming the primacy of the love of God and neighbour as the essential content of the devotion itself.  The Directory of Popular Piety - 172.

Meditating on the Heart of Christ opens us to know the Person of Jesus in the fullness of His love. This love of Christ for us is revealed by all he did and suffered for us -- in Nazareth, on the Cross, in giving Himself in the Blessed Sacrament, in His teaching and healing, in His praying and working. When we speak of the Sacred Heart, we mean Jesus showing us His Heart, Jesus all love for us and all lovable.

The Holy Father's Intentions for the Month of June 2018

Universal – Social Networks: That social networks may work towards that inclusiveness which respects other for their differences. 

Feasts for June

The feasts on the General Roman Calendar celebrated during the month of June are:
June 1 - Justin, Memorial
June 2 - Marcellinus and Peter, Optional Memorial
June 3 - Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, Solemnity
June 5 - Boniface, Memorial
June 6 - Norbert, Optional Memorial
June 8 - Sacred Heart of Jesus, Solemnity
June 9 - Immaculate Heart of Mary; St. Ephrem, Memorial
June 10 - Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sunday
June 11 - Barnabas, Memorial
June 13 - Anthony of Padua, Memorial
June 17 - Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Sunday
June 19 - Romuald, Optional Memorial
June 21 - Aloysius Gonzaga, Memorial
June 22 - Paulinus of Nola; John Fisher and Thomas More, Optional Memorial
June 24 - Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, Solemnity
June 26 - Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, Optional Memorial
June 27 - Cyril of Alexandria, Optional Memorial
June 28 - Irenaeus, Memorial
June 29 - Peter and Paul, Solemnity
June 30 - First Martyrs of the Church of Rome, Optional Memorial


The Most Reverend Thomas J. Rodi, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Mobile, was at Our lady of Guadalupe Church for the Confirmation Mass on Thursday May 24th at 6:30 p.m.   Anna Janes, Leah Gordy, Emily Talbot and Erica Blackburn celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation and received the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 
We extend heartfelt congratulations to the Confirmandi, their sponsors and families in celebration of this milestone in their spiritual journey with Christ.  The sacraments, as the Church teaches, are ample fountains of God’s grace.  Confirmation in particular confers on believers the grace of the Holy Spirit.  We pray that as they continue their journey of faith, they may be guided by the gifts they received. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in making our First Communicants special day, Sunday, May 6th a joyful occasion.  Abundant blessings to our First Communicants:  Joseph Mangini, John Espy and Aiden Smith.  Let us welcome these children as they join us in the celebration of the Eucharist.   

Photo courtesy of Brian Espy

Pictured are Father Albert Kelly with Joseph Mangini, John Espy and Aiden Smith

We give a heartfelt thank you to all the parishioners who made our appreciation dinner dance a great success!
Photos courtesy of Keith LaFrance

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The Mass: An Introduction is presented by the Archdiocese of Mobile in association with 4PM Media. The series features Archbishop Rodi with Fr. Victor Ingalls, Dr. Norman McCrummen, and Dr. Allison Meyer. The series asks four questions:
1. Why worship on Sundays?
2. Why a meal?
3. Why do we worship the way we do?
4. Why does the extraordinary come to us in ordinary ways?


Part One


Part Two


Part Three


Part Four

Attend Sunday Mass with us; there is no better way to begin your week.

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